138. 7 Healthy Habits for 70 Days: How You Can Start This Health Challenge Too

Welcome to the first episode of 2023! The start of the new year is the best time to plan your goals for the year and start living healthy.

I talk about the 7 healthy habits for 70 days challenge, planning my 2023 goals, how I support my mental health, and so much more.

Message me on Instagram if you embark on this 7 for 70 health challenge!

I talk about: 

01:10 - Planning my year and revisiting my goals for 2023

04:20 - The WHY behind 7 for 70 and its difference with 75 hard

11:50 - My goals for 7 for 70

20:00 - Why balance is NOT key

22:30 - Creating your first 4 habits as a foundation

25:00 - The 7 health habits

01:00:00 - Other healthy habits and bonus habits you can do

01:04:00 - How to make this your own and stick to it


Let’s Connect:


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