118. Easy Ways to Lower Your Biological Age with Chris Mirabile from Novos


Chris Mirabile is the founder and CEO of NOVOS: the first human longevity company to address the 10 mechanisms of aging through their innovative, patent pending formulations.


We talk about chronological age verses biological age, and how you can improve your biological age through your easy, daily lifestyle choices, nutrition, supplements and more!


We talk about: 

01:00 - My long cycles and ovary pain

09:00 - Creating healthy habits to promote motherhood

15:00 - Natural Cycles app and Oura ring collaboration

20:00 - Tracking your temperature vaginally

33:30 - The benefits of taking Novos

37:00 - Scientific studies for Novos’ formula

38:30 - Why Novos removed quercetin from their formula

42:00 - Chris’s histamine problem and how he resolved it

44:00 - Signs you are aging at a faster level

48:00 - Chronological vs. biological age

53:00 - Improving your aging test results using daily lifestyle choices

58:00 - Good markers of how you’re aging - testosterone levels, pulse wave velocity, face age

01:07:00 - Heart rate accuracy for Oura ring and Apple watch

01:09:00 - Things you can do to reduce your biological age

01:12:00 - Fasting and its benefits

01:20:00 - Differences in aging in men and women



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