Master Your Day: How to Biohack Morning, Midday, Evening, Work, Bedroom, and Car Environments for Peak Performance

In this episode, I explore practical strategies to optimize various aspects of daily routines for enhanced productivity and well-being.

I share tips for a revitalizing morning routine, focusing on hydration, mindfulness, exercise, and oral hygiene.

Then, I address staying hydrated and active during the midday slump. In the evening, I discuss optimizing sleep, a consistent sleep schedule, and relaxation techniques. 

Plus, I offer biohacks for work, bedroom, and car environments to enhance performance and wellness.

We talk about: 

09:00 - Morning routine: Hydration, tongue scraper

28:00 - Breakfast: Timeline Nutrition Urolithin A powder, BiOptimizers protein powder (code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY)

34:00 - Gratitude practice

39:00 - Midday routine: Hydrojug, protein and healthy fat

40:00 - Kion amino acids; LMNT electrolytes

51:00 - Evening routine: Filter Optix (code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY), Eight Sleep (code BRITTANY)

55:00 - Bedroom environment: red bedside lights, Manta sleep mask, Leela Quantum Tech EMF neutralizing products

1:05:00 - Work environment:  left handed mouse, Leela Quantum Tech EMF neutralizing products, exercise ball, desk treadmill, Filter Optix blue light blocking glasses (code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY), F.lux software, binaural beats playlist

1:26:00 - Car: Leela Quantum Tech, essential oil diffuser

Questions answered in this podcast:

  • How can mindfulness and gratitude practices enhance your morning routine?
  • What are some high-protein, healthy-fat breakfast options?
  • How does exposure to natural light and outdoor activity benefit your health?
  • What ergonomics tips can optimize your work environment?
  • What healthy snacks are recommended to stave off cravings?
  • Why is hydration essential, and how can you ensure it throughout the day?
  • How does expressing gratitude in the morning affect the start of your day?
  • How can regular breaks improve your workday?
  • In what ways can you biohack different parts of your daily life?


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