Hey there!

I'm Brittany Ford,

and most days you can find me sipping my favourite smart coffee (coconut oil, mushroom powder, exogenous ketones & collagen), educating myself on anything health related in my PJs until the leggings come out for the gym.

I am mostly known for being very entertaining, highly ambitious and occasionally savage. It's the South African in me.

Most refer to me as "B" (or now "Bio B"), the girl who is super-duper healthy and is always trying new "weird" health things ("weird" until they become trendy two years later).



I love serving the world through sharing my personal health journey @biohackingbrittany, the collaborative community I created Holistic Biohacking and volunteering IRL within the health realm.

When I'm not busy working or studying health online you can find me watching total romcoms (no shame), eating brunch, having coffee with friends or travelling.

I've been on an epic health journey for almost 10 years, healing myself from Leaky Gut, Candida, parasites, adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalances through a variety of natural health methods. If you want to read how I did this specifically, check out this article I wrote for Vitality magazine.

I'm studying to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist while travelling. Currently, I'm in Vancouver, Canada.

I aim to connect others struggling with health issues and interested in biohacking. I write blog posts, speak on podcasts, film videos and more for other brands. If you're interested in collaborating, let me know!


My current health obsessions:

  1. Cycling protein
  2. Marine collagen
  3. Kava
  4. Eating high fat
  5. Hot and cold therapy (cold water in morning, sauna at the gym)
  6. Hip thrusts, squats and splits stretching


My current health goals:

  1. Healing my myopia
  2. Able to do the splits (yikes)
  3. Hip thrust 220lbs, squat 130lbs
  4. Meditate daily

What is biohacking?


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