Wedding Wellness and Beauty Treatments: What to Do and What to Skip (Solo Episode)

Are you looking for a wedding checklist so you can look and feel your best on your wedding day? Or is a friend or a loved one having their wedding soon? Then this episode was made for you!

Today I am diving into all things wedding wellness and beauty treatments. I’m going to outline everything that I did in order to get ready for my wedding from my healthy weight management routine, to IV drips, laser hair removal, aqua gold facials, microblading your eyebrows, clean sunscreen and more.

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We talk about: 

05:00 - My wedding wellness checklist

08:00 - My exercise and healthy weight management routine

13:30 - Doing an IV drip with glutathione, magnesium, B vitamins and more

15:30 - Brazilian laser hair removal

19:00 - Clean, toxin-free self-tanner from Beauty By Earth 

25:00 - Solar nails last forever

26:30 - Teeth whitening with red and blue light therapy

29:00 - Having my eyebrows microbladed

32:00 - Platelet-rich plasma facials (vampire facials)

34:00 - Where to get filler, if needed

46:00 - The aqua gold facial

51:00 - Fake eyelashes and eye whitener


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