121. Microdosing Mushrooms: The Newest Movement in Modern Medicine with Microcybin

I am excited to chat with Matthew John Silver about mushrooms, microdosing, psilocybin, Microcybin and LSD.

Microcybin, our go-to microdosing brand available online, is working with some of Canada’s most committed biotechnologists and mycologists to harness the medicinal power of psychedelics and microdosing techniques and make them accessible.


We talk about: 

00:50 - Disney’s short film “Reflect,” my thoughts, and people’s thoughts on it

05:00 - The book “Generation XL”

15:30 - Stay tuned for my giveaways starting December 1st

18:50 - The story on what led Matt to try microdosing

22:00 - Microdosing, mindfulness, and your emotions

25:30 - Matt’s Ayahuasca experience

33:00 - Healing from trauma and reframing using microdosing

38:00 - Microcybin’S products

40:00 - Niacin and microdosing

48:45 - How you can get started with microdosing




Let’s Connect:



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