120. Why Your Water Needs an Upgrade With Mario Brainovic, CEO of Analemma


Mario Brainovic is the CEO of Analemma: a revolutionary new device that transforms regular tap and bottled water from its depleted, chaotic and lesser state into its supreme, coherent, and naturally structured state.


We talk about all things coherent water, structured water, EZ water, their benefits, and why you should upgrade your water today.


We talk about: 

11:50 - What structured and coherent water is and the difference

18:30 - The best water you should drink for your health

24:00 - Testing your water with your plants at home

20:30 - Benefits of Analemma water and their latest research

36:00 - Analemma’s plan on connecting it to the water pipes in your house

39:00 - The benefits of using Analemma for your skin

47:00 - How water connects you to the universe


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