Gut Health: Low-FODMAP Diet, Prebiotics versus Probiotics, Gut-Brain Axis, Leaky Gut, Intermittent Fasting, Healthy Gut Supplements, Floka, Vanessa de Waal

Vanessa De Waal is the founder and CEO of Flöka, an app that focuses on holistic female health, correlating health data to help better understand what is happening in the body and why. Her background is in psychology and it was her personal health journey that sparked her creating data science tools for wellness that is accessible anywhere. 

Vanessa explains her health struggles, how the low-FODMAP (fermentable oligo-, di-, mono-saccharides and polyols) diet has significantly improved her health, what it is and if it may be right for you. We chat about getting the right probiotics and prebiotics for your gut and how to heal gut issues, especially leaky gut, through taking specific gut-focused supplements like l-glutamine, aloe vera juice and magnesium. We discuss the impact of fat versus zero calorie fasting on gut health and the gut-brain axis.

We also talk about: 

  • Getting healthy bacteria from the outdoors
  • Health benefits of pets
  • Flöka: the best female biohacking app available
  • Vanessa’s personal health story


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