Choose To Be Healthy: Why Your Diagnosis Doesn’t Define You, Healing Trauma, Embracing Death, Demolishing Fear, Peter Jansen

Peter Jansen has over two decades of international experience in emotional intelligence and leadership coaching. He focuses on teaching how to understand emotions, human nature, and successful leadership through his coaching, books, radio programs, speeches, and training.

We dive deep on this episode, as we discuss the traumatic physical event Peter had years ago that changed his life forever. He explains how you have to choose your own reality and to be healthy every single day to benefit yourself and your health in the long run. We chat about effective techniques for this, how to ensure you are healing from your own trauma or diagnosis and ultimately, how to be the healthiest version of yourself. 

We also talk about: 

  • Healing with neurogenesis and mindset
  • Reducing stress through neurohacking
  • The pharmaceutical world
  • Embracing death and fear
  • Preventative health




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