Revolutionizing Preconception and Pregnancy: My Biohacking Secrets Unveiled on the Biohacker Babes Podcast

I am thrilled to share my interview from the Biohacker Babes Podcast, with hosts Lauren Sambataro and Renee Belz.

We touch on everything from the impact of a positive mindset on overall health, healthy cookware choices—goodbye plastics, hello cast iron and stainless steel—to fertility optimization through biohacking. 

Plus, hear about my personal journey with pregnancy, how I got my husband onboard in working on preconception health, and our commitment to a healthier lifestyle. 

We talk about: 

04:00 - Why preconception planning is very important in this modern world

12:00 - My health improvement plan: Eating healthy, drinking more water

18:00 - How I got my husband onboard in working on his preconception health

22:00 - Tests for preconception health: sperm count, sperm quality and more

24:00 - The importance of sperm health in today’s world

30:00 - Lifestyle hacks for preconception health: Red light, acupuncture, yoni steaming Leiamoon (code: BIOHACKINGBRITTANY)

33:00 - Struggling with eating healthy during pregnancy and how to get through it

41:00 - Supplements to continue to take during pregnancy, like Fatty15 

44:00 - How to reduce exposure to toxins in your home

52:00 - How to reduce stress to keep your nervous system healthy during pregnancy

56:00 - Why and how to do hot and cold therapy while pregnant

59:00 - Working on your mindset for your overall wellness

Questions answered in this episode: 

  • How can small, healthy decisions accumulate over time?
  • Why is preconception planning important in today's toxic world?
  • How do you handle food aversions and cravings during pregnancy?
  • What is "greenwashing," and why is it a concern when finding non-toxic products?
  • What is the recommendation for activities and exercises during pregnancy?
  • What lifestyle changes can you do to improve sperm count for men and egg health for women?
  • How do you clear your home of toxins for better health?
  • What are the benefits of practicing gratitude and having a positive mindset?


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