116. Q&A: The Only Smoothie I’ll Drink, Wedding Plans, Yoni Steaming, Salt and Soda Baths, How Microdosing Feels and More


This week is a Q&A episode where I answer questions submitted by my audience. We talk about my go-to green smoothie recipe, microdosing with psilocybin and LSD, how yoni steaming works, and much more.

Message me your questions on Instagram or send me an email (info@biohackingbrittany.com) so I can  answer them in my next Q&A episode! 


We talk about: 

06:30 - Details on my upcoming wedding 

15:30 - My green smoothie recipe and why I drink it 

21:00 - How I feel when I microdose at work and when not working

30:10 - Yoni steams: how they work and why I do them

38:00 - Why I’m adding baking soda to my baths

42:00 - Why self-care and alone time is so important



Let’s Connect:


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