69. Coherent Water and Its Impact on Our Health, Aging and EMF With Christian Bauer of Qi Blanco


This week we dive into frequency technology and how it can increase the coherent water in our bodies. The founder and CEO of Qi Blanco, Christian Bauer, explains the benefits of coherent water and its impact on our health and aging over time.


Christian opens up about his difficult health history, which led him to look at his body from his perspective of being an engineer, physicist, and biochemist.


We discuss using frequency technology products to detox the body and reduce the amount of EMF we’re exposed to. Christian explains the impact of EMF waves on our body and a simple at-home EMF test you can do at night to assess how EMF impacts your health.


We also talk about:

  • The different Qi Blanco products
  • The future of coherent water and frequency technology 




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