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Ebb and Flow Cycle Guide
Ebb and Flow Cycle Guide
Ebb and Flow Cycle Guide
Ebb and Flow Cycle Guide
Ebb and Flow Cycle Guide
Ebb and Flow Cycle Guide
Ebb and Flow Cycle Guide
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For every phase of your menstrual cycle, you will:
  1. Discover nutrition and food with expert guidance on when to fast.
  2. Unlock a personalized workout plan tailored to your needs.
  3. Explore lifestyle practices and biohacks, including the perfect timing for vaginal steaming, castor oil packs, cleansing, and rejuvenating sauna sessions.
  4. Experience the power of supplements that will give you the right benefits at the right time.
  5. Dive into the world of herbs and botanicals that support your health journey.
  6. Embrace a holistic approach to mental and emotional health, with recommendations on how to manage each phase.
  7. Get detailed breakdowns of calories, carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals - all meticulously tracked meal by meal and day by day.

Your guide, your way

Some women have taken their digital guide and transformed it into a beautiful physical book, displaying it proudly on their bookshelves. Others have chosen to keep their favorite recipes on their fridge, always at hand when they need inspiration. And some have even taped the recommendations on the wall in their bathroom, creating a daily reminder of the value this guide brings to their lives.

You can easily download the guide and have it readily accessible on your phone or tablet, ensuring that you always have this invaluable resource with you wherever you go!

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Tessa Rainsly
Just got this after trying her hormone balancing chocolate recipe

I'm so happy I got this! The recipes are great and it's helpful to learn what to eat during which phases of my cycle. I also love the seed cycle charts and am really into learning how to optimise my hormones!! Thanks Brittany. Definitely worth it!

Casey Avery
Get this right now and also subscribe to Brittany's podcast

This is a fantastic resource for those navigating endometriosis while trying to sync up with their menstrual cycle phases. It's like having a trusted friend who's been through it all.

This guide isn't just about managing endometriosis symptoms; it's about riding the waves of your menstrual cycle. It offers practical advice tailored to your unique needs, helping you make the most of your good days and navigate the tougher ones. What I love most is how it encourages you to sync your self-care practices with your cycle, creating a personalized roadmap to feeling your best throughout the month.

The personal stories and down-to-earth tips make you feel like you're getting advice from someone who truly understands. Thanks for all the thoughtfulness and intention behind this Brittany! Also subscribed to your podcast :)

Mia Revere
Get it right now!

Just got Brittany's Ebb and Flow Guide, and wow, it's epic! 🙌🏼 Super easy to follow with practical tips for boosting energy, sleep, and more. Already feeling the positive vibes! No complicated stuff, just real biohacking for real results. You gotta try it!

Aurelia Jo Everly
A must-read and I'm excited about the preconception health program coming!

Hey folks! Just finished reading the ebb and flow cycle guide, and it's awesome! It's all about embracing our natural rhythms and maximizing productivity. Practical tips and holistic approach included. Plus, the upcoming preconception holistic health program sounds super exciting! Can't wait to see what's in store. I'm all about women's holistic health!

A Kickass Guide for Ladies with Wild Cycles and Baby Fever

As a thirty-something gal with all sorts of funky cycles and a burning desire for a mini-me, this guide has been a godsend. Here's the deal: the guide is super easy to navigate and looks fab. The author knows her stuff and genuinely wants to help women like us. It's all about custom solutions, because we're all unique unicorns. She gives you a ton of techniques, strategies, and lifestyle tweaks you can personalize to rock your reproductive health. Definitely worth it and cannot wait for her preconception health program!! Also, download her chocolate recipe, I eat a piece every day!