41. Proactive Wellness: How to Use Bioactive Supplements to Optimize Your Health With Dr. Dan of Brilliant

In today's episode, we talk about all things supplements, including synthetic versus natural sources, if we need them or if our food is adequate for our nutrient requirements, and what phytonutrients and bioactive compounds are. I chat with Dr. Dan, the Chief Scientific Officer at Brilliant, a supplement company, focused on finding new bioactive compounds to create products that help you discover your innate brilliance. 

Dr. Dan has traveled to most continents, discovering and researching bioactive compounds in plants and using them to help others. He hosts the podcast "Discover with Dr. Dan | The Proactive Health Podcast," which was created to cut through the pseudoscientific fluff, dispel health myths and deliver actionable information.

We also talk about:
  • Supplements for PMS and immunity 
  • Where you can start with supplements 
  • Common problems with the supplements on the market
  • The future of the supplement industry



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