Epigenetics Explained: Mapping Your Biological Age, the Power of Lifestyle Choices and the Growing Trend of Longevity

In this episode, the incredible Hannah Went, epigenetics trailblazer and co-founder of TruDiagnostic, guides us through the groundbreaking field of epigenetics. 

We discussed how TruDiagnostic's innovative testing paints a vivid picture of your biological age, revealing the profound influence of lifestyle choices. From diet to sleep, every decision you make can write or rewrite your health story. 

We also explored advanced therapies, the role of stressors like pregnancy on biological aging, and the potential of personalized medicine. 

Remember, your DNA is not your destiny — take the driver's seat of your health and unlock the secrets to longevity. 

We talk about: 

15:00 - Hannah’s background and going into epigenetics

21:00 - Epigenetics vs. genetics

27:00 - Methylation and epigenetics

30:00 - New studies on epigenetic DNA methylation 

35:00 - Choosing whole foods and lifestyle interventions

43:00 - Alcohol and epigenetics

47:00 - Massive changes and how soon you can see changes in your biological age

51:00 - Pregnancy and your biological age

55:00 - Perimenopause, menopause, and your biological age

59:00 - Postpartum depression

1:04:00 - New things for TruDiagnostic

Questions answered in this episode:

  • What testing method can you use to measure your biological age?
  • How does epigenetics differ from genetics?
  • Why is it crucial to apply scientific understanding to our daily lives, especially concerning health and aging?
  • What is the link between menopause and biological aging?
  • What lifestyle factors can affect our biological age?
  • What are the effects of alcohol on biological aging?
  • How long does it take for lifestyle changes to show effects on aging?
  • Does pregnancy have a long-term effect on biological age?


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