bloomberg biohacking
Mar 7, 2023
Bloomberg x Biohacking Brittany: The 150 Year Life
I am thrilled to share that I've been featured in a Bloomberg documentary that explores biohacking and its impact on the world!   Being featured in a prestigious media outlet like...
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InsideTracker discount code biohacking brittany
Dec 10, 2022
How Testing Your Blood Can Change You
Are you plagued with holiday parties and buffets? Of course, it's a season for overindulgence, but you can still maintain your health goals. I always find it challenging to track...
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Sensate biohacking brittany discount code
Dec 9, 2022
How Sensate Can Optimize Your Mental Health
Celebrations are everywhere once December hits. Families and friends get together, often sharing meals and gifts. It's easy to get caught up in the flurry of activity and lose track...
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top biohacking wellness holiday christmas gifts
Nov 1, 2022
12 Biohacking Holiday Gifts for This Year
The holidays are a particular time of year when most people find it challenging to stay on top of their health, nutrition and fitness routines. We usually take the time...
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adaptogens for skin health
Jan 21, 2022
An Overlooked Factor Impacting Your Skin
Glowing skin starting from within is a concept I come back to time and time again. Not only does our nutrition, supplements, environment, hydration and lifestyle impact how healthy our...
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Six Biohacks for Everyone
Feb 24, 2020
Six Biohacks for Everyone
Easy biohacks for anyone new to biohacking to try!
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