108. How to Start Using Plant Medicine Today With Microcybin


What is plant medicine and what are the benefits? Should you microdose or macrodose?


Today is the first part in a new series of episodes on plant medicine with Jason Silva from Microcybin.


We dive into the basics of using plant medicine and how you can get started today. 


We talk about: 

02:00 - What is and isn’t plant medicine

04:00 - What plant medicine does to your brain

06:00 - Microdose vs macrodose

08:00 -Treating plant medicine as a tool

09:30 - Microdosing with L S D

20:00 - How your subconscious is impacting you

21:00 - Using plant medicine as a tool to improve yourself

23:00 - Benefits of using plant medicine

29:00 - Identifying with your diagnosis

31:30 - Cultivating safety and looking for endedness

33:10 - Macrodosing

36:00 - Horizontal expansion in macrodosing

40:30 - How to start with microdosing




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