107. How I Got Started With Biohacking and How to Start Biohacking Your Brain, Office and Hormones Today

In this episode, I am interviewed on the Green Living With Tee podcast, in which we talk about all things biohacking and how to get started on biohacking today. 

We talk about my health journey, which led me to biohacking, and how to start biohacking your brain, diet and workplace. 


We talk about: 

03:30 - Using plant medicine

10:30 - My health journey

11:50 - How I started biohacking

14:00 - Biohacking your brain

15:50 - Biohacking for females

18:05 - EMF and how it can affect your health

26:10 - Respecting your health and body while running a successful business

28:10 - Biohacking at your workplace

30:40 - Biohacking your diet



Let’s Connect:



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