94. Hearing Your Own Voice Can Heal You With Jane Jourdan of Way

Do you cringe hearing your own voice? Way uses your own voice to create tracks that help balance your emotions and empower you to regulate your nervous system. Jane Jourdan, the co-founder and CEO of way joins the podcast this week. 


Your voice is the foundation for self-guided healing and growth. Science reveals that hearing your own voice is powerful because it can quickly impact your emotional state. 


Way’s proprietary blend of techniques includes emotion and nervous system regulation, third-person self-talk, mindfulness, decentering, cognitive reappraisal, etc. 


We talk about: 

02:20 - My struggle with body image and body dysmorphia

12:10 - How Jane got started with the idea of way

16:10 - Cringing at your own voice

17:30 - How way works

22:20 - The history of music and your voice for your health

25:20 - How often to listen to your way tracks

28:00 - When to listen to your way tracks

34:40 - Why Jane and her company is not on social media

38:00 - My experience with social media



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