Yoni Mapping Explored: The Secret Path to Women's Empowerment and Wellness

Welcome to an empowering journey into women's health and the magic of Yoni mapping with my guest, Jules Alma.

We discuss the importance of creating safe spaces for practices like Yoni mapping and the emotional, physical, and spiritual healing it provides, not just for individuals, but also for couples seeking to deepen their intimacy and understanding.

Jules Alma is a passionate menstrual coach and doula with a specialization in home and free births, utilizing practices like Yoni mapping to empower women's health and wellness. 

We talk about: 

16:00 - Jules’ journey on getting started with Yoni Mapping

20:00 - How women’s bodies are slandered by the media

28:00 - The book, Ina May’s Guide To Childbirth

32:00 - Introduction to Yoni Mapping and its benefits to women

36:00 - Empowering women through Yoni Mapping

40:00 - The emotional and spiritual aspect of Yoni Mapping

48:00 - Yoni Mapping and deepening your connection to pleasure 

53:00 - How Yoni Mapping helps women struggling to conceive

1:00:00 - Tips for pregnant women to help foster mind and body connection

Questions answered in this episode:

  • What is Yoni mapping, and how can it aid in preconception health?
  • What are some common fears related to womanhood and its milestones?
  • How can Yoni mapping be a healing practice for women with past trauma?
  • What emotional and spiritual benefits does Yoni mapping offer?
  • How does embracing emotional and psychological challenges during pregnancy prepare women for motherhood?
  • How can women preparing for birth foster a mind-body connection?


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