From PCOS to Pregnancy: My Holistic Journey and the Birth of Baby Steps Protocol

In this solo episode, I share the intimate details of my road to motherhood, from the success of getting pregnant on the very first try despite PCOS, to my holistic approach to this pregnancy, and why I've designed a non-toxic baby registry.

I also discussed the launch of my Baby Steps Protocol aimed at optimizing preconception health.

We talk about: 

00:30 - I am pregnant!

04:00 - Starting my Baby Steps 90 day protocol with my husband last year

06:00 - Finding out that I was pregnant on our first try

12:00 - The 1st trimester was hard: Not morning sickness but “All-day sickness”

15:00 - Moving to a new home with more family support and less pollution to better care for my pregnancy

19:30 - 2nd Trimester: No more nausea, feeling great, researching about home births, and building a non-toxic registry for baby products

23:00 - Exercises I do while pregnant - swimming, full body cardio

25:00 - Why my Baby Steps course also includes men in preconception planning

Questions answered in this episode:

  • What are some of the biohacking strategies Brittany is using during her pregnancy, and how could they benefit expectant mothers?
  • How did Brittany's "Baby steps" Protocol contribute to her getting pregnant on the first try, despite her PCOS and irregular cycles?
  • What kind of health regimen is Brittany following during her pregnancy to maintain her well-being?
  • What is the Baby Steps Protocol about?
  • What inspired Brittany and her husband to move to a smaller town?
  • Why is a non-toxic registry important for your baby?


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