Red Light Therapy for Women’s Health, Fertility and Longevity With Lindsay Kirby of Sculpt Tri-Cities

Lindsay Kirby, the CEO of Sculpt Tri-Cities, and I talk about red light therapy and its benefits for females, investing in red light therapy equipment, how often and how long you should use red light therapy, and more.

Sculpt Tri-Cities is a biohacking wellness center that provides access to a variety of tools and experts that assists individuals in achieving their wellness goals. The center employs non-invasive technology and encouraging staff to facilitate a smart, effective approach to wellness.

I talk about: 

01:30 - About Sculpt Tri-Cities

03:00 - Treatments in Sculpt Tri-Cities

04:00 - The wellness journey

07:30 - Feeling overwhelmed with starting your wellness journey

09:00 - How red light therapy helped Lindsay

15:00 - Common concerns for people who want red light therapy

18:00 - Red light therapy treatment - how often and how long

21:30 - Lindsay’s recommended red light therapy devices

28:00 - Investing in quality red light therapy equipment

32:00 - Red light therapy for fertility

38:00 - Lindsay’s daily biohacking routine

43:00 - The upcoming biohacking conference


  • Lindsay’s Instagram
  • Zero Gravity red light therapy device
  • Celluma red light therapy device
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