Living in Flow: A Sneak Peek Into My New Menstrual Cycle Guide to a Vibrant Life and Optimal Health Through Every Phase of Your Cycle

In this episode, I'm going to be talking about where I am in my own health journey, as well as giving you a preview and a sneak peek of the Ebb and Flow Cycle Guide that I have created.

I open up about my menstrual cycle, PCOS, cysts on my ovary and how I am working on regulating my cycle. 

We talk about: 

04:45 - A quick update on my health

07:00 - How your temperature varies during your cycle

09:00 - My cycle was great and then it became worse when we went to Costa Rica

14:00 - Scheduling an ultrasound for the pain in my right ovary

17:30 - My pre-conception program

19:00 - My two workouts a day

21:00 - A biohack for my ovaries everyday - acupuncture, red light therapy, castor oil packs, vaginal steaming

22:30 - Working on my oral health

27:00 - Why I thought of creating my Ebb and Flow Cycle Guide

29:30 - The cycle chart

31:30 - Food that supports you in the different phases of your cycle

37:00 - Different workouts you can do during the phases of your cycle

39:00 - The lifestyle and biohacks that support each phase

41:00 - Seed cycling and meal plans

43:30 - The FAQs section


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