The Healing Power of Chinese Tonic Herbs: Exploring the Benefits of Traditional Medicine with Brandon Gilbert

Are you interested in Chinese medicine? How are Chinese herbs different from Western medicine? Are Chinese tonics for you? 

Today I am joined by Brandon Gilbert, the founder of Hyperion Herbs. Brandon is a passionate biohacker and Chinese tonic enthusiast who has dedicated his life to helping people unlock their full potential through the use of natural herbs and tonics. 

Brandon Gilbert has been researching and experimenting with Chinese tonics for over 10 years and has developed a unique approach to biohacking that has helped many people achieve their goals. 

I am excited to have him here today to discuss his journey and share his insights on biohacking using Chinese tonics.

We talk about: 

02:00 - Studying functional medicine

13:00 - What Chinese tonic herbs are

14:50 - How long Brandon has been taking Chinese tonics

17:00 - Chinese tonics and foods

20:20 - How Brandon educates his audience about Chinese tonics

26:30 - Main health issues that Brandon has seen over the years

32:00 - Utilizing technology properly so it doesn’t burn you out

36:00 - Living a simple life so you are not over-stimulated

41:00 - The best biohacks in life are actually free

46:00 - Thinking of what the younger generation will be going through in this modern world

50:50 - Women’s health problems Brandon usually encounters

55:50 - Women should not be vegetarians

01:02:00 - The difference between men and women’s health


Let’s Connect: