137. Cell Care Is the New Self Care: From Depleted to Revitalized with Dr. Monisha Bhanote

This is our last episode for 2022! 

I have Dr. Monisha Bhanote joining me, who is known as the Wellbeing Doctor. We talk about the importance of having a personalized approach in your healing journey, the basics of cellular health, cell care, extreme biohacking and how to avoid it, and much more.

Dr. Monisha, the founder Wellkulå, is a quintuple board-certified physician and published author with expertise in Integrative Lifestyle Medicine, Functional Culinary Medicine, and Cytopathology. She is a sought-after health and wellness expert providing both speaking and written commentary to multiple news media outlets and publications. 

Always fascinated by the human body, she has spent the last two decades looking at how all the systems in our body affect each other, how disease manifests, and what we can do to enhance our own well-being. 

We talk about: 

01:00 - 12 Days of Biohacking Gifts
02:00 - Taking time off for the holidays
12:40 - How Dr. Monisha Bhanote got into medicine
14:00 - Dr. Monisha’s health struggles and how she healed from them
16:40 - Where Dr. Monisha studied botanical medicine
18:00 - A personalized approach for your healing journey
20:10 - The basics of cellular health
22:00 - The symptoms you are feeling are not normal
27:00 - Basic habits to start so you can be more aware of what your body needs and feels
30:00 - From depleted to revitalized
34:00 - Cell care is self-care
36:10 - How Dr. Monisha got into biohacking and brought it to her practice
40:00 - Mixing technology with intuition
42:00 - Extreme biohacking
43:30 - How to avoid extreme biohacking
49:00 - Connecting conventional medicine and biohacking


Let’s Connect:


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