24. Adaptogens, Mushrooms and Nutrients For Our Skin with Hannah Roberts from Knowrish Well

In this episode, Hannah Roberts, a Naturopath and researcher from Knowrish Well, joins me as we discuss the growing popularity of specific nutrients like mushrooms and herbal adaptogens. Knowrish Well is a functional food company that delivers nutrient-dense products including various drink mixes. We chat about what adaptogens are, how to use them and the benefits for our overall health.  

We also dive into the world of mushrooms and which ones can help make a big impact in our skin and gut health. Hannah speaks to the role nutrition and supplements play in maintaining glowing skin regardless of age, and how the skin is closely linked to our gut health.

We also talk about: 

  • Vegan and functional nutrition
  • Potent ingredients Knowrish Well uses in their drink mixes
  • How Knowrish Well was created


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