Bridging Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science for Spiritual Awakening: Exploring the Awakened Mind, Overcoming Barriers, and Harmonizing Technology with Tradition

In this game-changing episode with Holly Copeland - a master of meditation, sound healing, and breathwork - we explore the limitless nature of awareness and the journey to an awakened mind. 

We tackle the real-world challenges of staying connected in our tech-heavy world, discuss transformative experiences with plant medicines, and share everyday biohacking tips to reconnect you with the earth's healing frequencies.

We talk about: 

09:00 - Medicine retreats: What are they and their benefits

16:00 - Embracing discomfort for wellness - cold plunges, saunas, meditation

24:00 - The difference between the ordinary mind vs the awakened mind

32:00 - The benefits of using the awakened mind in daily life

39:00 - The importance of reconnecting with nature despite the constant interruptions of a modern lifestyle

46:00 - Integrating ancient wisdom with modern science: Healy, Red light therapy code: BIOHACKINGBRITTANY, Oura ring

52:00 - Getting the foundation in place first for wellness and doing what you love: Exercise, sleep, good nutrition

Questions answered in this episode:

  • How do you define the concept of an 'awakened mind,' and what distinguishes it from the ordinary mind?
  • What are the most significant barriers people face today in transitioning from an ordinary state of mind to a more awakened, interconnected state?
  • How can you balance the utilization of modern technology with traditional practices to promote wellness and spiritual growth?
  • How can you cultivate the courage to face the discomfort associated with health and wellness practices, like cold plunges or trying new medicinal substances like ayahuasca?
  • How can you reconnect with nature if you’re living in urban environments with limited access to natural spaces?
  • How do ancient wisdom practices complement modern scientific knowledge in the realm of biohacking and overall wellness?


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