Q&A: Biohacks for Runners, Detoxing Heavy Metals, Blood Sugar Mastery, Pet Wellness, and Motivating Loved Ones to Be Healthier

In this Q&A episode, I delve into the detoxifying powers of chelation therapy, essential habits for balancing blood sugar and cutting-edge biohacks for running performance.

I also talk about pet wellness, offering nutritional guidance and innovative biohacks for your furry friends, and how to encourage those around you to be as healthy as you, especially when your goal is to conceive easily and naturally.  

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We talk about: 

07:30 - Enhance your running performance: Nasal breathing cadence and using mouth tape

16:00 - Biohacking tips for your pet’s wellness

24:00 - Supplements for your pet; Neem to prevent ticks; getting a holistic vet

29:00 - Detoxing heavy metals: Chelation therapy and heat therapy

36:00 - NAC supplements and a detox smoothie

43:30 - Managing your blood sugar levels

1:00:00 - How to encourage your partner to be healthier with you

Questions answered in this episode:

  • How can you ensure safe detoxification when dealing with heavy metal exposure?
  • Can sauna therapy be beneficial for eliminating heavy metals, and what precautions should one take?
  • Are there any unconventional biohacks for optimizing running performance?
  • How can you manage blood sugar levels to prevent prediabetes and hormonal imbalance?
  • What is the importance of having a diverse protein diet for pets, and how can supplements enhance their well-being?
  • What lifestyle changes can help manage diabetes effectively?
  • How can you promote healthy lifestyle choices to others without being judgmental?
  • What approaches can you take to engage a partner in improving their health?


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