The Power of Emotional Detox, Liver Flushing and Overcoming the Dangers of Obsessive Biohacking and Orthorexia with Eva Hooft

Eva Hooft, a certified holistic health coach, NER Practitioner, CRT Practitioner, and alignment coach, shares her powerful journey to holistic health and emotional detox in this episode. 

From the importance of emotional release to the benefits of liver flushing, Eva empowers us to listen to our bodies and make informed decisions for our well-being. 

Listen as we dive deep into the connection between emotional and physical health, and learn how to approach detox from a place of radical self-love.

We talk about: 

11:40 - Eva’s health journey: The role of emotional health in physical well-being

18:50 - The obsession with biohacking and balance

23:00 - Struggling with orthorexia and making healthy decisions

29:00 - Emotions stored in the body and their impact on health

37:25 - Liver health and detoxification

43:00 - People who should not do liver flushing

47:00 - Detoxing before pregnancy for a healthy pregnancy and baby

52:45 - Stripping away toxins and empowering the body to heal

58:20 - Advice for people at the start of their wellness journey

Questions answered in this episode:

  • What are the dangers of becoming obsessed with cleansing, detoxing, and biohacking?
  • How can one be more in tune with emotional and energetic states to make better health decisions, such as through meditation?
  • What is liver flushing, and how does it work in detoxification?
  • What are the potential health considerations and contraindications for liver flushing?
  • How can individuals empower themselves to make informed health choices and understand their body's needs?
  • What are some practical tips for conscious eating practices and tuning into intuition for better health and alignment?
  • How can emotions stored in the body lead to physical symptoms and disease, and what are effective ways to release them?


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