Baby Steps: My 90 Day Program for Optimizing Preconception

In this episode, I reveal my pre-conception strategy - my Baby Steps program! 

My focus delves deep into the crucial subject of detoxing and cleansing, tailored for both men and women. Within this episode, I elaborate on the significance of proper hydration, enhancing detoxification routes, and embracing a holistic, unprocessed dietary regimen.

All of these elements boost reproductive vitality and foster a state of comprehensive wellness.

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I talk about: 

08:00 - What pre-conception is and when you should start your pre-conception cleanse

16:00 - Pre-conception cleansing for men

19:30 - Have a nutrient-dense, whole-food diet, and what I eat in a day

25:00 - What we eat for lunch and my go-to snacks

33:30 - A substance-free diet and how alcohol affects your health

39:30 - Sweat for one hour a day

45:00 - Drink a gallon of water a day

49:00 - Living a healthy lifestyle for men and women

52:00 - Hot tubs and saunas

57:30 - Supplements you should take daily for women

01:07:00 - Supplements you should take daily for men


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