Beyond the Basics: Navigating Hormonal Balance in Our Modern World

Hormonal balance is a continuous effort, and it is vital for a healthier life. In this episode, I’m talking about different ways to balance hormones in women to regulate menstrual cycles, prepare for pregnancy, and support the body during menopause and postpartum phases.

This episode offers valuable insights into supplements, acupuncture, probiotics, biohacks and seed cycling for optimizing your hormones, reproduction, and menstrual cycle. 

I talk about: 

09:00 - Acupuncture is underrated

15:00 - Probiotics and hormones

18:30 - Benefits of cold showers

24:20 - Chasteberry extract

26:20 - Massage therapy

30:00 - Benefits of sunlight

35:20 - Seed cycling - what seeds to eat and when

In this episode I answer the questions:

1. What is seed cycling and how can it improve menstrual regularity and reduce PMS symptoms?

2. How does acupuncture help with hormonal imbalances and infertility?

3. What hormones are important to balance for a healthy menstrual cycle?

4. How can massage therapy help with hormonal balance?

5. How does sunlight affect hormonal balance?

6. Can burst cysts cause hormonal imbalances and what can be done about it?

7. What is the Ebb and Flow Cycle Guide and how can it help women?

8. How can booking a massage benefit a person's mental health?

9. What is the Natural Cycles app and how can it help with tracking menstrual cycles?

10. What is Inside Tracker and how can it help with understanding hormonal balance?


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