How I Restored My Hair and Nails

The winter months have made my hair and nails more vulnerable to damage. The cold weather, low humidity, and lack of sunlight can all take a toll on our bodies, leading to weaker nails that chip or break easily and dull, lifeless hair. With increased work and other priorities, I quickly neglected my nail and hair regimen. Luckily I started taking SpermidineLife, which saved my hair and nails from the everyday wear and tear of the win winter season!


What is spermidine?


Spermidine is an organic compound found naturally in many living organisms. It has been studied for its potential health benefits and is commonly used as a nutritional supplement. It can be obtained from whole grains, legumes, nuts, mushrooms, and certain vegetables, including broccoli, cauliflower, and artichokes. Spermidine has been studied mainly for its ability to support cell regeneration and longevity. It acts as an antioxidant that helps protect cells from oxidative stress that can lead to cancer or heart disease. It's best known for its autophagy-promoting effects, which can help reduce the buildup of debris in cells and improve overall cell health. It means our body gets rid of old damaged cells (that would otherwise remain in the body) and prevents further cellular damage.

In addition to supporting overall health, research has shown that spermidine may improve hair and nail health. It can help reduce hair loss, strengthen weak, brittle nails, and delay the onset of premature greying. With its antioxidant properties, spermidine protects the scalp from oxidative stress and preserves its natural oils. Through its regulation of cell division, it can aid in not only promoting healthy skin, nails, and hair cells but also with detoxification.



How spermidine is different


I discovered SpermidineLife last year while digging into how autophagy works and how to grow healthy hair and nails fast. Because I was working extended hours, my hair and nails started to suffer. I was experiencing a lot of hair breakage, my nails were weak and brittle and had lost their natural shine. I consumed foods to help my hair grow thicker such as eggs, sweet potatoes, seeds, spinach, and fish. I've also tried taking biotin and other vitamins to boost my hair health, but it wasn't enough to keep my hair and nails from looking dull and weak.

I also tried several other products and biohacks to get healthier hair and nails. But, unfortunately, it wasn’t sufficient to counter the effects of stress. So, I started searching for additional supplements to help me achieve healthier hair and nails, and that's when I stumbled upon SpermidineLife. What attracted me to this product was the fact that it was formulated with pure and natural ingredients. SpermidineLife is a natural supplement made from wheat germ extract. Unlike other supplements containing artificial ingredients, SpermidineLife is derived from a 100% natural source, making it a safe and healthy choice. 

Moreover, it contains a high concentration of spermidine and has been clinically shown to promote hair growth, reduce hair loss, improve hair thickness, and strengthen nails.

While other supplements may contain spermidine, they may not contain the same high concentration found in SpermidineLife. The company also had considerable research done on its effectiveness among its users, so it's backed with proven results. I tried the product for several months before I noticed improvements in my hair and nails. My hair became softer and shinier, and my brittle nails were more robust and healthier. Even with increased stress and work, my hair and nails were in much better condition than before! It was then I knew I had to make this a part of my regular health regimen (which still continues to give me fuller and healthier hair and better nail health even after almost six months of using the product). 


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What also worked for my hair and nails

I wanted to maximize the results SpermidineLife had on my hair and nails. Here are a few things I did to enhance my results:

  1. I massaged my scalp with rosemary oil at least once daily. Rosemary oil is an excellent stimulant for hair growth and helps promote healthy scalp circulation.
  2. I made sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated to help in keeping my skin and hair healthy. I included electrolytes in my water daily and aimed to drink about a gallon (3.8L) of water daily! 
  3. I use 100% pure, organic aloe vera juice on my scalp as a cleanser to remove dirt, product buildup, and excess oils. Aloe vera is naturally very nourishing and healing for the scalp and hair strands. 

      Other benefits of taking spermidine regularly


      I've gone through numerous research studies on spermidine to understand its benefits and how it works in the body. Aside from reducing hair fall and preventing premature greying of hair, here are other things you'll benefit from just by taking the right amount of spermidine (which is found in SpermidineLife) regularly: 


      1. Healthier scalp

      I noticed my scalp is well-hydrated and healthier (no itchiness, flaking, dandruff or dry skin). Spermidine helps to protect the scalp from oxidative stress and preserve its natural oils. It's also been clinically shown to reduce scalp inflammation.


      2. Keeps the body healthier on a cellular level

      I've been working crazy hours this winter, and I know my body needs to be healthy to keep up with the workload. I noticed some changes in my energy levels, being able to stay awake longer and be more productive while taking spermidine. 


      3. Better immune system and heart

      Spermidine triggers autophagy to keep my cells healthy and improve my immune system. It reduces inflammation and cholesterol levels, protecting my heart from bad cholesterol.

      Some days you need to find the proper support and motivation to stay healthy. Coupled with a healthy diet, I have discovered SpermidineLife to be one of the best supplements to keep my hair and nails healthy and shiny. With its natural ingredients, I can trust that it's giving me the proper nutrients and vitamins to look my best on my most stressful days. It's been a great addition to my routine, and I'm excited about its full long-term effects in the future.


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