101. It's Time to Set the Record Straight About Nootropics with Greg Gostincar


Curious about nootropics? This week we are driving into brain health and nootropics with Greg Gostincar.


Greg is a certified brain health coach and the creator of Your Inception. His mission is to help people optimize their brain performance to live an extraordinary life. 


We talk about: 

02:00 - How micro-dosing with psilocybin helps me be more creative

11:10 - How Greg got started in the nootropic brain health world

12:40 - We’re not using our brain efficiently

14:15 - What are nootropics

15:30 - Why there is so much interest in nootropics

17:30 - How the way we live affects our health and brain function

18:30 - Recommended nootropic supplements and different nootropics for men and women

21:30 - Nootropics almost everyone can try

24:30 - Optimizing your lifestyle first before taking nootropics

26:00 - Nootropic formulas Greg recommends

28:30 - Things you should be cautious about in nootropics

32:00 - Kids and nootropics

36:00 - Are mushrooms nootropic

39:30 - Micro dosing with LS D

43:30 - Who nootropics are really for



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