34. How Does AI Impact Our Health? The Role of Wearable Technology to Optimize Our Sleep, Stress, and Nutrition with Dr. Greg Wells

This week on the podcast, I dive into a new topic that is very popular in the biohacking world but something I haven't discussed yet. 


We're talking all things artificial intelligence (AI) with Dr. Greg Wells. Not only the impacts today, but in the future as well. Dr. Greg Wells is a scientist and physiologist and created the holistic health app VIIVIO, the world’s most sophisticated human performance app available today.


We talk about using our intuition versus quantitative data from AI, and how to balance both. We also dive into the role of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on our health, and discuss my new side business of developing EMF-blocking underwear for women.


We also talk about: 

  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and stress
  • Alcohol and cannabis impacting heart health and sleep
  • Helpful lifestyle practices for optimal health




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