Day 8: Why You Should Try Microdosing With Plant Medicine Featuring Microcybin


Welcome to day 8 of 12 Days of Biohacking Gifts! Each day I will be interviewing a different health and wellness brand, hosting a giveaway for their products on my Instagram account, and sharing valuable information with you on how they’re shaping the biohacking world. 


Day 8 is all about the hot topic of microdosing! I chat with Michael Toru from Microcybin and we chat about their products - Genesis, Heal, and Flow. We talk about psilocybin, LSD, the benefits of microdosing, how to start microdosing, and many more.


Microcybin is a company comprised of mycologists, biotechnologists, psychedelic industry leaders, performance athletes and professionals. They are dedicated to creating the highest quality products, providing educational information and best practices according to the latest psilocybin and LSD research.


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We talk about: 

03:20 - What is microdosing

05:00 - Incorporating microdosing into your daily life for beginners

08:00 - The benefits of microdosing

10:30 - LSD and serotonin

11:25 - The effects of macrodosing and different macro products

15:20 - The Microcybin products Michael is using

18:30 - Cities where psilocybin is legal

22:00 - When to microdose and when to stop

25:00 - Microdosing compared to Ayahuasca 




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