Real Strategies for Vibrant Health: Navigating Stress and Success


In this episode, I have the pleasure of hosting Megan Lyons, a distinguished authority in the realm of health and wellness, and the founder of The Lyons' Share Wellness.

Our conversation dives into the art of stress management, the science of goal setting, and the essential practice of safeguarding your well-being without succumbing to burnout.

Tune in to discover a wealth of invaluable insights, tips, and strategies to empower you in the pursuit of lasting well-being and sustainable achievement.

We talk about: 

08:50 - From an economics expert to a health and wellness professional

13:00 - Monitoring devices provide valuable health data but need caution

20:30 - Tools Megan uses to track her health

25:30 - Balancing success and mental health

34:30 - Going after your dreams and still being healthy

36:30 - Foods to eat when you are stressed

44:00 - Stress management and the basics of healthy nutrition

47:00 - Why people struggle so much with the basic healthy lifestyle

53:00 - The sooner you get started living healthy, the better

Questions answered in this podcast:

  • How do you stay motivated without burning out?
  • How do you address the challenges of forming healthy habits?
  • Why is it important for you to slow down enough so you can listen more to your body?
  • What is Megan’s favorite health tool?
  • How do you balance relying on data and tracking your body's data with trusting your own feelings?
  • How important is proper nutrition during times of stress?


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