Day 2: How to Filter Your Air Properly with HypoAir


Welcome to day 2 of 12 Days of Biohacking Gifts! Each day I will be interviewing a different health and wellness brand, hosting a giveaway for their products on my Instagram account, and sharing valuable information with you on how they’re shaping the biohacking world. 


For Day 2, I interviewed David Milburn from HypoAir, and we talked about why you should purify your air, how HypoAir purifiers work, signs of poor air quality, molds inside your house, and so much more. 


HypoAir purifies and filters your indoor air using technologies that replicate the same natural processes that take place outside.


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We talk about: 

02:00 - How HypoAir got started

03:45 - The type of air quality people have in their homes today

06:00 - How HypoAir works to purify the air

09:30 - How most air purifiers work

11:00 - Common signs of poor air quality

13:00 - How to check your air quality

15:00 - Using a humidity sensor

17:00 - Opening your doors and windows to improve air quality

20:00 - Where to place your HypoAir for maximum performance



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