Aging with Strength: Navigating the Challenges of Fitness After 60, Enhancing Mobility, and Flexibility for Lifelong Health and Well-being

In this episode with Andrea Lepcio, a Yoga Medicine Certified Therapeutic Specialist and ACE-certified personal trainer, we delve into the transformative power of incorporating small fitness habits into daily life for profound wellness benefits.

We also discuss the nuances of mobility, flexibility, and the essential role of exercise in nurturing physical and mental well-being.

Andrea is the founder of Mighty Fit, an online fitness and healthy eating app tailored to your individual needs.

We talk about: 

18:00 - From corporate employee to fitness coach at age 60

27:30 - The common fitness challenges that women face as they age

29:00 - How Andrea helps her clients overcome their fitness challenges

33:00 - How you can incorporate fitness in your daily life

39:00 - The fitness regimens Andrea usually prepares for her clients

42:00 - Understanding the difference between mobility and flexibility and why they are both important

53:00 - How Andrea maintains her fitness despite having arthritis and how she manages it

55:30 - The benefits of stretching and how to do it properly

Questions answered in this episode: 

  • How can incorporating small amounts of exercise into your routines have a positive impact on our overall well-being?
  • How can habits support long-term wellness and health better than setting grand goals?
  • What are the differences between mobility and flexibility in terms of physical movement, and why are they important for our health?
  • How can sedentary lifestyles, like working at a desk, negatively impact joint mobility, and what can be done to counteract this effect?
  • In what ways can daily stretching and mobility exercises benefit those with arthritis or joint issues?


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