Second Trimester Realities vs. Expectations: Navigating Body Image Struggles, Weight Gain, Ultrasound Decisions, and Home Birth Planning as a First-Time Mom

In this episode, I offer a raw and honest look at the complexities and joys of my second trimester as a first time mom. 

I dive deep into my 20-week ultrasound experience and the big decisions I made for a healthy home birth. 

I also share my journey with prenatal tests, my biohacker vs. naturalist approach, and my mental struggle with body image and weight gain during pregnancy. 

Stay tuned for tips on balancing biohacking with a natural approach to pregnancy.

I talk about: 

13:00 - Sign up for my Baby Steps course before the price goes up

17:00 - My positive second trimester experiences

23:00 - Take advantage of the energy you have during your second trimester to workout more

25:00 - My weight gain challenges and body image issues

36:00 - What to expect pregnancy app

39:00 - Having my belly “pop” and getting the pregnancy glow

44:00 - How I found my new midwife

47:00 - Focusing on my health and not on my weight

49:00 - Why I was on the fence for doing the 20th week anatomy ultrasound 

54:00 - The tests I skipped because I didn't see any benefit from them (gestational diabetes, genetic screening and more)

59:00 - Why it’s important to check your iron levels

Questions answered in this episode:

  • How do societal standards affect a pregnant woman’s perception of her body and self-worth?
  • How did I handle the mental struggle with weight gain during pregnancy?
  • Why did I opt out of gestational diabetes testing and genetic screening?
  • What led me to choose the 20-week ultrasound for her pregnancy?
  • What were my reasons for not pursuing further tests or ultrasounds?
  • Why did I get tested for iron levels, and what was the outcome?


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