Debunking Stigmas, Data-Driven Wellness, and Holistic Living: My Interview on The Not So Average Podcast

In this episode, I'm interviewed by Courtney Croucher, host of The Not So Average podcast.

We discuss the stigma around pregnancy and miscarriage, The Healing Web concept, data-driven health decisions, and the benefits of raw milk, supplements, and holistic wellness approaches.

We talk about: 

18:20 - Different creators make information digestible for average consumers

27:21 - Importance of optimizing sperm health for a healthy pregnancy

31:42 - Empowering men to take ownership of preconception health

46:54 - The fear of pregnancy and societal labels

50:13 - Exploring alternatives to hormonal birth control for fertility awareness

53:32 - Pregnancy announcements and the need to break the stigma

57:00 - The healing web poster and what you can learn from it

01:04:20 - Lack of funding for research and the influence of big pharma

01:12:06 - The underground market for raw milk in Canada

01:22:13 - Importance of vitamin D in winter

Questions answered in this podcast:

  • What are some proactive steps couples can take to optimize their health before trying to conceive?
  • How can we debunk misconceptions on getting pregnant and provide accurate information about contraception and fertility?
  • How do you prioritize self-care and intuition in your own health journey?
  • How can we break down barriers and create a more open dialogue on discussing women's health and menstrual cycles?
  • What is the Healing Web poster and how does it combine western medicine and the holistic side of medicine?
  • What are the benefits of drinking raw milk?


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