Rewriting Your Genetic Destiny: The Fascinating World of Epigenetics with Bronte, The Gene Hacker

What do your genes tell about you? What is epigenetics and can you reverse it? I have Brontë with me this week to talk about epigenetics and why it’s important for your health.

Brontë is the visionary behind The Gene Hacker brand. She is a Functional Registered Dietitian certified in nutrigenomics with a specialization in performance coaching and leadership development.

After battling fatigue, insomnia, and anxiety from a high demanding career… Brontë was introduced to the world of Epigenetics which helped connect the dots on how to achieve sustainable top level performance from the inside out.

We talk about: 

02:30 - My wedding wellness checklist

08:00 - What genes and epigenetics are

12:00 - Using genomic testing for individuals who have mystery illnesses

13:00 - Inheriting epigenetic changes across generations

17:00 - Promoting healthy epigenetic patterns

20:30 - Eating healthy and taking supplements

27:00 - The functional medicine program Bronte is taking

28:30 - What attracted Bronte to functional medicine

31:30 - Epigenetics and women’s health

34:00 - Methylation and your genes

41:00 - Going through your epigenetics report

45:00 - Just because you have those genes doesn’t mean they’re expressing themselves

48:00 - Nutrigenomics becoming more accessible to people


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