How to Make Healthy Eating Sustainable and Why Most Women Struggle with Nutrition Health Coach Sophie Teixeira

On this episode, I chat with a fellow Nutrition Health Coach, Sophie Teixeira, about looking at food differently, seasonal eating, having balance and variety in your food, and why you shouldn’t eat salads.

Sophie Teixeira de Abreu is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, based in Miami, Florida.

She created ROOT Mindful Nutrition, a coaching practice where she dedicates her time to helping women transform their health through lifestyle and nutrition changes. 

I talk about: 

00:30 - My Saturn return (!)

05:00 - Being a full-time content creator

18:10 - Sophie’s approach to nutrition

20:00 - Looking at food differently

23:30 - Making small changes to make healthy sustainable

26:00 - Some foods have different effects on different people

28:30 - Get your biome results and know what your superfoods are

32:00 - Having balance and variety in your food

34:30 - Having a strong enough WHY to make the little changes

37:30 - Quitting alcohol

42:40 - How Sophie helps women with their nutrition and diet

46:30 - Stress and its impact on your health

48:00 - Steps to take to start taking care of your health

49:00 - Addressing inflammation in the gut

50:40 - Drinking more water and staying away from coffee and alcohol

53:00 - Eating dinner early

54:00 - Prioritize your sleep

01:00:00 - Don’t eat salads


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