119. How I’m Healing My Ovaries: PCOS, Cysts, Fertility, Hormones and More


This episode is dedicated to my reproductive health, including how I’m healing and biohacking my ovaries to be healthier. I go through all the things I’m doing now to reduce my symptoms, balance my hormones, and prepare for pre-conception in the future.


I have a lot of recommendations in this episode so be sure to take notes!


I talk about: 

04:30 - Being on birth control for seven years

07:00 - Getting tested for PCOS and using the Natural Cycles app

10:00 - Tracking my menstrual cycle and ovulation

14:00 - Pain in my right ovary

17:30 - How to do castor oil packs, Queen of Thrones

28:30 - Redlight therapy for ovary health, Flexbeam 

31:00 - Epsom sea salt and baking oda baths

33:30 - Acupuncture for fertility and stress

35:30 - Regular orgasms are a necessaity 

37:00 - Hot water bottles for pain relief 

41:35 - Using a sauna and steam room for detoxing

44:00 - Why I avoid alcohol

47:30 - Getting rid of the plastic in my house

49:20 - Buying EWG approved makeup - Juice Beauty, Young Goose, Forest Spa Finland (code: BIOHACKINGBRITTANY)

52:30 - Paleo diet

53:30 - Oxolates in my die, tested via Viome (code: BIOHACKINGBRITTANY)

55:30 - Advanced PCOS Relief supplement by AOR

57:30 - SpermidineLife (code: BIOHACKINGBRITTANY) and autophagy

59:50 - Mitopure (code: BIOHACKINGBRITTANY) by Timeline Nutrition

01:00:00 - Other supplements I’m taking

01:01:00 - Other things you should consider if you are having reproductive health problems

01:04:00 - The value of friendships and community for women

01:06:00 - The small steps you take to be healthier matters

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