117. Doing the Uncomfortable, Forming a Growth Mindset, Unschooling Your Kids and Supporting Hurricane Ian With Philip D’Agostino From Valhalla Vitality


Philip D'Agostino is back on the podcast! We catch up on all things entrepreneurship, giving back as part of your business structure, doing uncomfortable things to develop a growth mindset, what unschooling your kids can look like and Hurricane Ian in Florida. 


We also talk about Valhalla Vitality’s new product for better sleep, their Hypavar product (which contains THCV) and what’s next for the company. 


We talk about: 

01:00 - Doing the 75 Hard Challenge and my new glass gallon water bottle

05:00 - Companies giving back in substantial ways

10:50 - Why Philip developed Valhalla Vitality

12:20 - Hypavar (THCV) components and its benefits

15:20 - New sleep product from Valhalla Vitality

18:30 - Side effects of melatonin

19:20 - 5-HTP for sleep

23:30 - A nonprofit Philip started for people who were affected by the hurricane in Florida

26:00 - Preventing mold

31:00 - How you can support the people affected by Hurrican Ian

33:20 - The mentality of what’s the next right thing to do

36:00 - Growth is always uncomfortable

37:30 - Phil’s off grid Alaska trip and why he did it

45:00 - Developing your own and your kids’ resilience and grit

51:50 - Unschooling your kids




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