111. Combining Plant Medicine and Fitness with Sean Pearse and Microcybin

Sean Pearse is a kettlebell coach, movement expert and personal trainer. He has been exploring combining plant medicine in conjunction with his movement and training expertise. 


We talk about micro dosing, various plant medicines, using micro dosing for your fitness goals, innate healing that can come from plant medicine and therapy, and more. 


We talk about Microcybin - our go-to microdosing brand available online. You can use my discount BIOHACKINGBRITTANY15 at checkout!


We talk about: 

07:45 - How Sean got into microdosing

08:15 - Exercise and LSD

11:30 - Defining what flow state is 

13:50 - What STER stands for

17:30 - Having goals when taking LSD

20:00 - The autotelic state

22:00 - The products Sean is taking right now

25:00 - Use microdosing intentionally

24:00 - Escapism is addictive

41:20 - Microdosing opens communication channels between the mind and the body

44:00 - The future of plant medicine

47:00 - Mind-body connection and LSD




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