105. Q&A: Holistic Weight Loss, Difference Between Ancestral Eating and Paleo, Morning Routine, Enemas and More


In this question and answer, I answer some of the frequently asked questions I receive from Instagram.

Message me your health questions, and I’ll answer them next!


I talk about: 

00:30 - Topping all the charts for podcasts in Brazil!

05:00 - What is ancestral nutrition and the difference between ancestral nutrition and paleo

08:20 - The book - Wheat Belly

12:20 - My morning routine

15:00 - The history of tracking your cycle for women

17:00 - Tongue scraping

25:10 - Holistic weight loss 

29:00 - The effect of fasting in my body

32:00 - Using a Lumen device

35:50 - Enemas and why I recommend you do it



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