Men’s Skincare and Haircare: How All-Natural Products Can Make A Difference, Beard Care, Men’s Wellness, Natural and Green Skincare, Mountaineer Brand, Eric Young

Eric Young is the founder of Mountaineer Brand, an all-natural men's skincare and facial hair company, made to be affordable and naturally healthy for all. He built the products from scratch, experimenting with different oils, vinegars and essential oils for his own beard and skin. The company is now massively successful around the globe and Eric continues to educate people on the benefits of using natural products in skincare and haircare regimens.

 In this episode, we chat about why it is important to use all-natural ingredients in your skincare routine, the benefits and how to apply them daily. We also dive into the trends currently happening for men’s skincare and haircare, as the market is growing rapidly since wellness and skincare are becoming more male-friendly.

We also talk about: 

  • Building a business from the bottom up
  • Health and wellness in rural towns in the US
  • How natural products can make a difference for children and families


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