Decoding Optimal Health, Parenthood, Work-Life Balance and Longevity with Wade Lightheart from BiOptimizers

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I'm delighted to introduce Wade Lightheart from BiOptimizers as my guest today. During our conversation, we delve into a range of fascinating topics, including Wade's perspective on navigating one's 50s, the pursuit of parenthood after dedicating years to a career, the intricacies of detoxification, fostering healthy digestion, and strategies for enhancing longevity, among other insightful subjects.

BiOptimizers stands out by meticulously incorporating the ideal and efficacious amounts of extensively studied ingredients.

This supplement brand is easily one of my favorite on the market, especially their magnesium and digestive enzymes!

We talk about: 

12:00 - Biohacking for high performers, focusing on your career, and having a family

18:00 - The disproportionate amount of pressure women face in terms of having children

23:00 - Trying to have a kid in your later years

29:00 - Detoxing even if you’re already healthy

33:00 - Supplements Wade recommends for fertility

42:00 - The Map Of Consciousness by David Hawkins

45:00 - Digestion and your longevity


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