Silver Wonders Unveiled: Exploring the Health Benefits and Myths Surrounding Silver Usage with Silverbiotics

Today, I’m exploring the health benefits of silver with Kelly Gray from SilverBiotics. 

We discuss the differences between colloidal and ionic silver for safety, silver's uses in agriculture and tick prevention, dispel the myth of silver causing blue skin, and highlight its numerous benefits. 

SilverBiotics' SilverSol technology is a powerful solution for protecting your body from damage and aging, making it an excellent choice for those seeking improved health and wellbeing.

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We talk about: 

09:10 - Personal success story of using silver gel for eczema

12:00 - Silver as an alternative to traditional antibiotics and success stories

13:30 - Strict regulations and limitations on discussing silver benefits

15:00 - The benefits of silver over gold

17:24 - Red flags and things to look for in silver solutions

20:02 - Silver as a potential alternative to antibiotics

21:41 - Historical uses of silver for medicinal purposes

24:01 - The potential benefits and limitations of silverware

25:30 - Silver as a natural solution for preserving produce and preventing mold

28:00 - Finding alternative solutions and debunking misconceptions about silver

31:30 - Choosing convenience and safety by purchasing silver products


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