In the Hot Seat: My Interview With Katie Moore From the Women’s Biohacking Conference

In this episode, I am thrilled to share my interview with Katie Moore from the Women's Biohacking Conference. This episode is filled with valuable insights as I share personal stories and information that I don't typically talk about. 

We emphasize why it’s important to start early in your preconception journey and adopting a holistic approach, including nutrition, detoxing, and hormone balancing. We also highlight the significance of lifestyle changes, reducing toxin exposure, managing stress, and improving sleep. 

Katie Moore helps people take control of their health through health and wellness technology.

She specializes in sleep, but also covers a broad range of topics on her YouTube channel.

The conversation with Katie Moore from the Women's Biohacking Conference was truly enlightening, and I believe it will provide valuable insights for anyone interested in women's health and biohacking.

We talk about: 

12:32 - Preparing for future fertility: the importance of preconception health

18:08 - Detoxing and cleansing for fertility preparation

22:01 - The importance of lifestyle and nutrition for fertility

27:52 - Fear and misconceptions about birth control

30:52 - The time needed for your body to normalize after stopping birth control

34:28 - Supporting your body during the transition off birth control

37:39 - The impact of EMF and radiation on fertility

45:58 - The impact of lifestyle choices on cellular health

48:53 - Navigating medication use and mental health during pregnancy

55:19 - Preconception exercise and sweating for detox

01:02:26 - Strength training and rock climbing for preconception fitness

01:06:02 - Exploring yoni steaming and its benefits

Questions answered in this podcast:

  • How big is the impact of a proactive approach to health and wellness, especially in relation to fertility and preconception?
  • Why is it important to start early in preparing for pregnancy?
  • Why should you follow a 90 day preconception cleanse before trying to conceive?
  • What are the benefits of sweating for detoxification?
  • How do you reduce exposure to toxins, specifically EMF and radiation, in your day-to-day life?
  • What are the impacts of radiation and EMF on sperm quality and fertility in men?
  • What are the benefits of intermittent fasting for overall health and fertility?


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